Markus joined the Global Economic Dynamics (GED) team in November 2019. He studied Public Policy at the University of Münster, with a major focus on economics and a minor focus on law and politics. During his master, he has been for one semester at the Aix-Marseille School of Economics and for a summer school at the University of Twente. Markus wrote his master thesis about smart cities in Europe. In his thesis, he constructed subjective and objective indices for a smart city performance by elaborating a unique dataset which he then analyzed econometrically to find out about potential smart city drivers.

Furthermore, Markus did an internship at the corporate development of the Deutsche Bahn AG where he was engaged in strategy and market intelligence. During his master, he also worked as a graduate assistant at the Center for Interdisciplinary Economics where he supported a research project which tries to unfold the founding motivation of refugees.

Ahead of his master, Markus studied business education and management training in Leipzig with a focus on management and economics while also doing courses in educational science and history. During his bachelor’s degree, Markus stayed for internships at the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy to support policies which help small and medium sized enterprises, and at a vocational school center to impart knowledge on business and economics. Furthermore, he worked as a student assistant at the HHL Graduate School of Management where he mainly worked on a research project that engaged in the field of sustainable competitiveness.