Our Mission

Our mission on this blog is to shed light on Europe’s role in the world economy. Managing interdependencies – and what role the EU will play in a transforming global economy – become vital in an interconnected world. Against this backdrop, we at the Bertelsmann Stiftung advocate for a united Europe that acts in solidarity both internally and externally and helps shape the world of tomorrow based on its values. To this end, we believe Europe needs strategic partnerships and strong international organizations to have a place on the world stage. Another precondition for this is internal strength that comes from unity. In the face of global challenges, no member state of the European Union today can secure peace, freedom, and prosperity for its citizens on its own. To be more sovereign, Europe must act together. In support of this objective, our blog provides background, analysis and insights.

Our Focus

(1) The future of the European Union and its capacity to act in an ever-changing world economy lies at the heart of our work. We analyze the internal workings of the European Union and its member states in achieving solutions to strengthen Europe’s cohesion, its economic base, and its capacities to act (Europe’s Future).

(2) We identify some of the most important global trends that will shape the future course of globalization and discuss the economic and political implications for Europe. We explore how Europe can engage in strategic partnerships and strengthen international organizations (Globalization).

Our Products

Across these two areas, we

  • produce our own research and policy recommendations (publications),
  • illustrate complex interrelations through short videos and data stories (videos),
  • and facilitate face-to-face and virtual dialogue (events).