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Christian Hanelt

Senior Expert Europe, Neighbourhood and the Middle East

Bertelsmann Stiftung


Christian-P. Hanelt works as Senior Expert in the project "Strategies for the EU Neighbourhood". During the refugee crisis, he was involved in concepts on how the EU can address the causes of flight and migration.  Christian dealt with the implementation of democratic reforms in Tunisia after the Arab Spring and organised several conferences on "EU and the Middle East" under the title "Kronberger Gespräche" in Frankfurt, Riyadh, Istanbul, and Rabat. At the beginning of the 1990s he was a journalist for the television station Sat.1 and reported on developments after the Kuwait War and the beginning of the Middle East peace process. His areas of expertise include the Israeli-Arab conflict, the EU's relations with the Gulf States (GCC), political, social, and economic developments in the Arab world, and the causes of flight and migration.  Christian studied in Kiel and Damascus (Syria) and holds an MA in Political Science.