Wai Tan, Shanghai by Li Yang @ unsplash.com
Wai Tan, Shanghai by Li Yang @ unsplash.com


In November this year, we released our study on Chinese direct investment abroad with a focus on Germany. Click here to read the full study in English. Click here to get a brief summary of all the study results.


In our corresponding video, our China expert, Cora Jungbluth, gives an overview of the most important trends in China’s FDI and addresses, among others, the following questions:


  • Where does China invest and in which sectors?


  • What is the political strategy behind China’s increasing FDI?


  • Germany has become a major destination for Chinese FDI in Europe. What motivates Chinese companies to invest in Germany, and in developed countries in general?


  • Which are the major challenges, but also opportunities Chinese FDI bring about for Germany and other countries?