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It is easy to steer a government when things are going well. But what happens when the path becomes less clear? What happens when countries face that fork in the road?

The Crossroads video series from the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Global Economic Dynamics team focuses on these decisive moments for emerging markets.

Our third episode, The Crossroads: Colombia, considers a country with significant growth momentum, but facing a thorny peace process and a slumping global economy.

Featuring commentary from President Juan Manuel Santos, Finance Minister Mauricio Cárdenas, Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas, as well as leading senators from both sides of the isle, top journalists and every-day citizens from the city to the countryside, Bertelsmann Foundation Latin America specialist Samuel George takes us to the heart of a country at the crossroads.

It’s decision time. Which way will Colombia go?


Part 1 – A New Day in Colombia?

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So the peace negotiations underway in Havana are of paramount importance to Colombia’s future. But, while all eyes are on Cuba, are economic problems brewing back home in Colombia? We have a closer look in Part 2:


Part 2 – 5 Challenges to Colombia’s Economy

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But FARC leaders negotiating in Havana may not have full control over a disjointed movement more interested in drug profits than peace agreements, and any agreement could be difficult to enforce. So what is the big idea? We have a closer look in Part 3.


Part 3 – The Peace Process- FARC, Fishheads and Toads

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Watch our Interview with Defense Minister Luis Carlos Villegas

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