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It is easy to steer a government when things are going well. But what happens when the path becomes less clear? What happens when countries face that fork in the road?


In this latest episode of The Crossroads, host Samuel George goes inside a country at political, economic, and social crossroads. Featuring interviews with influential members of Parliament from Turkey’s critical political parties, conversations with external experts such as Jeffrey Sachs, Daron Acemoglu, Vali Nasr, and Soner Cagaptay, meetings with small town opposition mayors, government-affiliated business leaders, local professors, and more, we investigate on location from the streets of Istanbul to the Turkish border with Iraq and Syria.


This is The Crossroads Turkey – let’s go inside.


The Crossroads Turkey Pt. 1: The Rules of the Game


Turkey may be at an institutional crossroads, but the Erdogan administering might once have relied on a strong economy to pull through turbulence. But the Turkish economy may no longer be such a safe bet. In Part 2, we look at emerging fault-lines in the Turkish economy.


Part 2: Inside Turkey’s Economy


A key stress factor for the Turkish economy has been the spill over effects of civil war in Syria and Iraq. But these are not the only conflicts destabilizing the region. In Part 3, we investigate on-going strife in the country’s Kurdish southeast, and how this conflict affects Turkey’s economic and political institutions.


Part 3: The Kurdish Question


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