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Dear GED followers,


Thank you for joining us on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 at 4.00-4.30 pm CEST (Berlin) for our sucessful second GED Virtual Roundtable. In it Dr. Ulrich Schoof and Dr. Cora Jungbluth from the Global Economic Dynamics team presented the key findings of our new study on Asia’s Rise in the New World Trade Order – The Effects of Mega-Regional Trade Agreements on Asian Countries.

The interactive online session provided an overview of the potential economic effects of mega-regional trade agreements (such as TPP, RCEP, FTAAP) on selected Asian countries, focussing specifically on the following questions:


  • What are we talking about..? Which mega-regional trade deals will have a significant impact on Asian economies?
  • Winners and Losers..? – How would these agreements affect those countries in terms of real income?
  • What if..? Which scenarios of coexisting mega deals are possible?
  • So what..? What are possible implications for Asia’s role in world trade?

You can watch the video cut of the virtual roundtable here: