ulrich schoof
ulrich schoof

Ulrich Schoof

former Senior Project Manager

Bertelsmann Stiftung



Ulrich Schoof led the Global Economic Dynamics (GED) project until June 2018. He joined the Stiftung in 2006. He has managed projects ranging from fostering entrepreneurship and employability to setting up initiatives and new measurement instruments for lifelong learning, like the European Lifelong Learning Index (ELLI).

With the Global Economic Dynamics (GED) team Ulrich specializes on international trade and its interplay with inclusive growth. Here he has particularly focused on the effects of mega regional trade agreements and initiatives such as the TTIP, TPP or the EU single market. Moreover, Ulrich developed data visualization instruments to better understand and display economic interdependencies in international trade, like most recently the award winning FTAVIS tool.

Ulrich was awarded a master’s degree in European studies from the University of Osnabrück, Germany, and a further master’s in business administration from the École Supérieure de Commerce of Poitiers, France. He obtained a PhD through a scholarship program run by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Before joining the Bertelsmann Stiftung Ulrich worked for the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the EU-Commission (Cabinet of Commissioner Wulf-Metthies) and the European Parliament. Ulrich is lead author of various publications and has in-depth media experience.