You can watch a recording of this virtual roundtable session by clicking the video above. We apoligize for the slightly abrubt start to the video. Unfortunately a minor technical error prevented us from recording the initial 5 minutes of the webinar.


2016 has been a tumultuous year for Turkey and there are no signs that 2017 is going to be much different. But while the world dedicates much attention to pressures on the country’s democratic institutions, Turkey’s economic resilience could play an equally important factor in determining the outcome of the current upheaval.


Thank you for joining us on Thursday, 26 January 2017 for our successful sixth GED Virtual Roundtable. Led by GED Project Manager, Sam George, we had a lively discussion on the state of the Turkish political and economic situation and the challenges and potential opportunities ahead.


The interactive session also featured Turkish economist Dr. Erdal Yalcin of the Ifo Institute and Dr. Kemal Kirişci, Director of the Turkey Project at the Brookings Institution, both contributing their valuable insights on this fascinating topic.


Specifically, our virtual roundtable focussed on the following three questions:


  • A complicated neighborhood: How do current events in the Middle East and Europe affect Turkey’s economy?
  • Missed opportunities? What is the importance of Turkish – EU trade, and how can ties be deepened?
  • How has Turkish growth changed over the Erdogan years? Are current strategies sustainable?


If this topic has spiked your interest, you might want to check out our recent study on the topic of EU-Turkish trade relations and our recent film “The Crossroads Turkey“.