The holiday season offers us some time to reflect, not only about ourselves but about all the people with whom we were especially close or from whom we learned this year.

For us, that means simply to say, “THANK YOU” to all who have shared their interest and attention with us during 2021!

This second year of the pandemic has brought many challenges but also some opportunities! Having said that watch out for our updated blog in 2022. No worries, we will keep providing exciting insights, analysis, and orientation for policymakers, professionals, and the general public in a changing world economy. You will still recognize us as GED.  But there will be a new ingredient in our recipe. (More on this in January 2022!)

For now, we hope this holiday season finds you enjoying every single minute of it, and having a great time with families and friends.

Looking forward to having you back on our blog in 2022!

Your GED-Team