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The WTO was in need of an update even before Covid19 began to dominate the agenda – but the epidemic has just made it more obvious that we need to strengthen international cooperation and make it more efficient. Without a functioning and predictable trading system, the mitigation of the Corona Crisis, and the recovery from the economic fallout will be much more difficult.

GED has recently published a number of contributions to the debate on WTO reform. Please join us as we discuss our key findings in a virtual roundtable with Bernard Hoekman, Doug Nelson, Petros Mavroidis, and Robert Wolfe.

  • April 16, at 3 pm CEST
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Presenters will be summarizing the main ideas covered in the following working papers. We very much look forward to your comments and feedback as we work toward finalizing these papers.

  1. Solving the Appellate Body crisis
  2. Dealing with negative spillovers of industrial subsidies through international cooperation
  3. Making WTO working practices more forward-looking
  4. Creating more flexibility within the WTO through Open Plurilateral Agreements

We look forward to seeing you at our webinar.

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Andreas Esche and Christian Bluth