It is easy to steer a government when things are going well. But what happens when the path becomes less clear? What happens when countries face that fork in the road?


The Crossroads video series from the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Global Economic Dynamics team focuses on these decisive moments for emerging markets.

Sometimes countries face economic turmoil. Sometimes countries face political crises. From time to time, countries must address social tumult. Brazil – a country so recently on the rise – faces all three at once.

Featuring commentary from Joaquim Levy, Arminio Fraga, Otaviano Canuto, Alexandre Schwartsman, Edmar Bacha, Monica de Bolle, Riordan Roett and many more, GED’s own Samuel George takes us to the heart of a country at the crossroads.

It’s decision time. Which way will Brazil go?


Part 1 – Swimming Naked: Inside Brazil’s Economic Meltdown


Part 2  – Crime, Punishment and Impeachment – Brazil’s Political Crisis


Part 3 – Brazil: The Country of Tomorrow, Today

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