The holiday season offers us some time to reflect, not only about ourselves but about all the people with whom we were especially close or from whom we learned this year.

For us, that means simply saying “THANK YOU” to all who have shared their interest and attention with us during 2022!

This year, the war of aggression against Ukraine, and because of it, the certainty of the principle of a self-determined European democracy has taken our breath away. We feel deep compassion for the Ukrainian people; they are in our thoughts and, to the best of our ability, in our deeds. In particular, we are with those who face a cold winter under the horrible circumstances of the brutal and malign attacks that are increasingly directed against the Ukrainian people.

If we were to have one wish for 2023, it would be to end the suffering and to ensure European solidarity with Ukraine in all its facets. As we did in 2022, we will keep working on some of the many developments caused by and interconnected with the war and try to provide analysis.

For now, we hope this holiday season offers you some time to reflect, to grab some rest and enjoy being with your family and friends.

Looking forward to having you back on our blog in 2023!

Your GED-Team