Today, GED becomes…. GED! Well, to be more precise: Global Economic Dynamics becomes Global & European Dynamics.

Our new focus in a nutshell: We will continue to be covering topics around globalization and economic trends, but we will focus more strongly on their implications for the European Union. Insights and analysis on a number of EU-related topics will play a greater role for us.

New Focus

If you’re one of our long-time readers, you may have noticed developments in our choice of topics. We have begun to focus more and more on the European Union and its capacity to act in a changing world economy.

We addressed the EU’s relations with Russia against the backdrop of the Nord Stream 2-debate, discussed how the EU should deal with China and suggested 13 major events that could change Europe’s economy in the world in 2022.

We also offered insights into a number of closely EU-related topics, such as an analysis of the French presidency of the EU Council, background on the new European green taxonomy, and the Italian presidential elections.

We were happy to see that you stayed with us and kept on reading!

At the same time, we continued to analyze global economic developments such as inflation and scenarios for the future course of globalization. So, while we will continue to closely monitor global trends and the impact of globalization, as we have in the past, the economic and political implications for Europe will feature more prominently in the future.

To this end, our articles will cluster around two categories: First, Europe’s Future, where we analyze the internal workings and the cohesion of the EU and its member states, its economic base, and its capacity to act. Second, Globalization, where we identify some of the most important global trends and shape discussions about the EU’s future.

Why the shift? Our goal is to connect this blog closer to our work on the European Union. We at the Bertelsmann Stiftung advocate for a united Europe that acts in solidarity both internally and externally and helps shape the world of tomorrow based on European values. To this end, the GED blog aims to play a key role in providing background, analysis, and insights that will shape discussions about the EU’s Future. – and we hope that this strikes a chord with you!

New Team Members

With a new focus, a new look. We’re proud to introduce our logo in new richer colors and the addition of the European Union flag here on the blog and on our social media channels, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Linkedin.

You may have noticed new authors contributing to our blog over the past few months. With our adjusted focus comes an expanded set of topics and the subject matter experts to provide insights and analysis. GED’s existing experts on global economic trends are now joined by the whole Bertelsmann Stiftung Europe-team, providing expertise on a wide range of EU-affairs, such as Europe’s economic governance and internal cohesion, the EU’s tech policy, its foreign relations with Asia, the US and its neighborhood, its political system as well as European public opinion.

You can learn more about all of our team members here. We’re all looking forward to sharing our thoughts and hearing from you by connecting with us on our social media accounts.