f.l. Christoph Schmidt, moderator Gregor Schmitz , Joseph E. Stiglitz


On September 16th, the Bertelsmann Stiftung invited Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics and Prof. Dr. Christoph Schmidt, Chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts in order to discuss the question:

“Inclusive Growth and the Social Market Economy – Do we Need a New Promise of Prosperity?”


Germans have their own definition of growth anchored in the principles of a social market economy. Economic success has always been viewed as a means to an end and the German economic thinking inherently had a social reflex. But too many indicators point to growing inequality in Germany. Growth is no longer a guaranty for prosperity for all.


Therefore, we interviewed Prof. Joseph E. Stiglitz, on how the concept of ‘Inclusive Growth’ can be defined; and Prof. Christoph Schmidt on the importance of the debate on ‘Inclusive Growth’.


See here their remarks in this short video.



And don’t miss further remarks from Prof. Stiglitz in our upcoming video series!