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It’s been a busy year here at GED writing about the worlds of economics, trade and politics. We published over 80 posts on our blog this year mixing videos, short articles, an animation or infographic or two and a holiday card. To celebrate the close of this exciting year for us and our faithful audience, we’ve selected 15 of our best posts of 2015. In chronological order, we present some insights into the topics and conversations that dominated our corner of the world stage this year.



1. Quantitative Easing in the EU: Addressing the Symptom or the Cause?



2. TTIP Behind Closed Doors: A Fresh Start for Transparency?



3. Study: Increasing Wage Inequality in Germany

4. TTIP, TTP and the Formation of a New World Trade Order



5. Study: BREXIT – UK EXIT



6. How to Deepen Economic Integration within the EU Single Market?

7. Growing Income Inequality – a Brake on Economic Growth?

8. The Crossroads: Cuba

9. FTAs in the 21st Century & the “Domino Effect”



10. GED meets Joseph Stiglitz!



11. Trade Talk at The Global Economic Symposium

12. Germany’s export surplus – a blessing or curse?



13. Nobody Wins With BREXIT



14. Colombia at the Crossroads

15. Germany :From “sick man of Europe” to “economic superstar”