Time for some year-end statistics! Here are the 2020 GED blog post that attracted the most readers. Our analyses on the Covid19 crisis drew considerable attention, but so did our globalization report and our spotlights on China and Ethiopia.


At the beginning of the year, we tried to predict which milestones would be of particular importance to the global economy’s fate. We missed one big one… but then: Who didn’t?


Turns out, our readers dig some IR theory. In this post, we looked at what neorealism and other “-isms” had to say about how Covid19 would change international relations dynamics.


The globalization report is an encyclopedia of data on globalization where one can easily get lost. So, no offense taken that this “cheat sheet” visualizing some of the highlights ranks high on this list.


When the coronavirus hit Europe in the spring of 2020, it hit Italy hardest. In this post, we chronicled the most severe economic effects for Europe’s fourth-largest economy.


Trade is changing rapidly. It is growing more digital and more fragmented. Ahead of Davos 2020, we summarized the most important trends and their implications.


Industrial policy is a thing again. When we compared Europe, the United States, and China’s approaches, it is the latter’s aggressive top-down strategy that drew the most attention.


It’s not a big “We told you so!” but still: Long before violence in the Tigray region escalated in November 2020, we highlighted their fragile economic prospects due to rising ethnic tensions.